Just because you are eating foods containing essential vitamins or other vitamin supplement forms doesn’t mean your body is absorbing these nutrients.

Numerous factors hinder nutrient absorption into your body, and they include:

  • Certain enzymes hinder vitamin absorption in your body.
  • Certain enzymes enhance the absorption of vitamins into your body in your body. However, certain enzymes can destroy the absorption of private vitamin lines in the body. For example, certain enzymes destroy vitamin B1 which is present in fish and other foods.
  • Prescriptions and drugs can hinder the conversion process of certain vitamins.
  • Certain Vitamin manufacturer is not present in bioavailable form. Some vitamins need to go through a conversion process before it is absorbed into the body. For example, riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2, is present in milk but bound to a carrier protein. For your body to absorb it, an enzyme called phosphatase takes it through a conversion process. However, certain medications, such as anti-malaria drugs, can hinder this conversion process. In such cases, it Is best to take supplements where the nutrient comes in its pure form. You can also talk to your doctor to know what steps you can take to ensure your body is absorbing the necessary vitamins.
  • Lack of dietary fat may hinder the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in the body.

Certain Private vitamin supplement lines are fat-soluble. An example is vitamin D, it is stored in fatty tissue, and the body breaks it down as tissue. For your body to absorb vitamin D, fat must be present in your intestines. If there’s no healthy fat in your diet, it can hinder vitamin D absorption in your body.

Smoking and Alcohol:

Tobacco products and alcohol are other factors that can hinder the absorption of vitamins in your body. Smoking reduces the absorption of vitamin C, and excessive alcohol consumption also reduces the absorption of folate. Studies also show that smoking can reduce the absorption of calcium in your body. Reducing your intake of tobacco and drinking can increase vitamin absorption in your body. Aside from reducing the absorption of vitamins in your body, it can cause lung disease and cancer. If you must drink, you can limit it to two drinks daily.


Aging is another factor that hinders the absorption of vitamins in your body. Your body becomes less efficient at absorbing vitamins from the food you eat and supplements. Eating more vegetables and fruits can help. You can visit a NutriSport Pharmacal to know the vitamin levels in your body.


Several factors can hinder the absorption of vitamins in the body. These factors also determine how much vitamin your body uses for physiological processes. Though there is an abundance of foods containing vitamins, the factors in this guide can hinder vitamin absorption in your body. Being aware of these factors can help you understand what you need to avoid to increase the level of vitamin absorption in your body.