The immune system plays an important role in your health. It protects your body from germs that can cause diseases. Your immune systems consist of specialized c cells, tissues, and organs that protect your body from microorganisms and germs. However, certain factors can weaken your immune system. Age is an essential factor that can weaken your weaken system. Many studies show that age diminishes the effectiveness of the immune system. In this article, we’ll be discussing ways age can affect the immune system.

It weakens response to vaccines.
NutriSport Pharmacal shows that your immune system contains T cells that attack other cells. As you get older, it becomes difficult for your immune system to produce more T cells and makes it harder for your body to respond to vaccines. Shingles vaccines are one of the best that is effective for older people. Older people do not have the antibodies needed to fight against flu as younger people do, and they have a low response to the flu vaccine.

Increases your risk of getting an illness.
As you age, you have fewer immune cells, and there are no cells to protect your body from harmful illness. The nutritional defects common in older people with chronic medical problems directly leads to low immunity. With a low amount of antibody production, it leaves your body vulnerable to sickness. It explains why pneumonia, tetanus, influenzas, and common cold is common among older people. The immune system reduces the ability to correct cells’ defects, which increases your risk of getting cancer. You can boost your immune system with a regular intake of vitamin supplements.

High risk of getting autoimmune diseases
Autoimmune diseases are a condition where your immune system attacks your body. The immune system protects your body from bacteria and viruses, and when there are invades, it creates fighter cells to attack them. Naturally, the immune system knows the difference between foreign cells and the cells in your body. But when you have an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakes the cells in your body as foreign cells. It then releases autoantibodies that attack the healthy cells. Examples of autoimmune cells include Type 1 diabetes that affects the pancreas.

The healing process may be slower.
Healing can be slow due to a low number of immune cells. Your body produces fewer immune cells, such as white blood cells that speed up the healing process of wounds and injuries. Apart from being vulnerable to infection, it also reduces the healing process in older people.

Aging is known to affect the immune system, and a condition is known as immunosenescence. Aging also affects adaptive immunity, which increases the risk of infections and autoimmune system. A private supplement line can help to boost the immune system. As you get older, your body has increased free radicals’ production, and it leads to a buildup of damaged protein that is toxic to your cells. Vitamin manufacturer produces vitamin line that is beneficial to older people.