Business plan? Done. Product line? Done. Contract manufacturers? Done.Wait a minute . . . did you ever actually decide on a name for your new company?

This problem may sound silly, but it happens more often than you would think.

People are so excited about their business that they forget to decide on a name!

You want a name that connects with your customers. You want a name that relates to your product and to your industry. Your company’s name should gel with your company’s image.

Consider following points:

1. Research name to make sure that it is available.

Just like coming up with a username online, the more common names are already taken. Check on or other business directories to check if the name is available.

2. Research the name’s meaning and connotations.

You don’t want potential customers getting confused about how to find your business online. You want to avoid having to continually correct the misspelled version of your name. Keep it simple.

3. Conduct a trademark search.

Do a search at to get an idea as to whether you can get a trademark or service mark for the name.

4. Test name with focus group of your target audience.

Come up with 5 or 10 names and then run them by friends, family members, and trusted colleagues. Get feedback from your target audience as well. And make sure that the name doesn’t have any negative connotations (such as when GM named its new car model the “Nova” without realizing that the name meant “doesn’t go” in Spanish).

5. Make sure the name sounds good.

Sometimes names seem fine on paper, but sound awful when said aloud. And if it’s said aloud, make sure people aren’t confused as to how it’s spelled.

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