Are you ready to start your own custom label for your product? If so, NutriSport Pharmacal can help! It all starts with a basic understanding of how to place an order, how the process of your order goes through, and some key elements that make a great label!


When getting ready to place a custom label order, there are a few things you should know about your order. This includes the shape and size of the label, the total quantity and the materials you’d like to use. The container holding your custom-made supplement will be the key factor in determining what size label you need.

We recommend ordering at least 500 to start getting a good price per label. This is a great option to have in a supplement label company if you have multiple versions of similar products using the same specs but a different design. Supplement label makers usually offer a lot of options here. Choosing a unique material can be a great way to take advantage of those options and set your product apart. NutriSport Pharmacal offers several specialty materials to suit your needs. Each of these materials can be used to complement your label design. Using one of these materials in partnership with a well-composed label can be help you catch the eye of your target audience. Any label company should be able to help you decide which material combination is best for you.

Once your design has been printed onto the material, a laminate is applied on top if the material requires one. During the order process, you have several laminate options including gloss and matte finish as mentioned previously. The label is then cut to the size you ordered, applied to rolls and boxed; ready to be shipped to you!

In addition to a clear and concise label, make sure your design has unity. This means that the different parts of your label do not clash with each other. An example of poor unity is a label that has eight different fonts and nearly every color on the rainbow. When using multiple fonts or colors, make sure they pair well and compliment the other. Keep in mind that it’s easier to make a cohesive label when you have fewer variables.

One last key aspect of a great label is white space. Don’t fall under the assumption that every part of your label needs to be filled with information. Remember you want your customer to be able to find the information they are looking for so removing clutter from your label will help them find it quickly. Keep your design clear and concise and let white space work in your favor.

If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss your supplement label project, please also reach out to us directly. Visit out website at