A proper weight-loss program should include a healthy, balanced diet plan. You can learn how to eat healthily and lose weight from this article.

The most important thing is a negative calorie balance

The main factor in a healthy and effective weight loss diet is keeping a negative calorie balance. You need to consume less energy than you burn to force your body into using stored reserves to supply you with the needed energy. That calories primarily comes from the stored carbohydrate and the excessive fat in your body. To achieve a calorie deficit you should consume fewer calories or exercise more, but in any case, your calorie deficit should not exceed 500 kcal per day.

Try to eat at regular intervals

Eating regularly will prevent you from getting hungry and in turn, from sudden food cravings. It will make losing weight much easier and reduce the risk of extra calorie intake. A regular calorie intake can also boost your metabolic processes, and 5-6 meals a day are necessary to keep your metabolism in the best performance.

Everyday physical exercises will increase your energy consumption, and a right combination of strength and endurance exercises is very important. Getting enough sleep time is also essential since your metabolism is working at its full capacity while you are asleep, and you should try to avoid stress if it’s possible. 

Consume enough protein food

Protein is the most important building material in the body and has to cover about a third of your energy requirements. When you are trying to lose weight, a diet rich in protein will help you feel fuller for a longer time. Proteins will also prevent the loss of muscle mass when your diet is scarce. The bigger your muscle mass is, the more energy it requires and the higher your demand for calories will be.

How well your body will be able to use the protein from food and convert it into body protein is determined by its biological value, so try to include more high-quality protein in your diet.

Animal proteins will always have a higher biological value than vegetable proteins, but they also usually contain more fat and cholesterol. So vegetable proteins can be preferable to animal proteins even despite their lower biological value. The correct combination of foods will help you increase the biological value, such as adding some corn and beans.

Stay hydrated

Your body is mostly made out of the water so it would come as no surprise that water has a lot of important functions. It is needed for nutrient uptake and proper metabolism, and there will be no fat burning without enough water. Staying well-hydrated is a vital part of a healthy weight loss diet, so you should drink no less than 1.5 liters of water a day. Sugary drinks and alcohol are needed to be avoided if you try to lose weight as they contain a lot of calories.