Weight loss is a very critical subject, especially to people aiming to reduce weight. Saffron supplements have been regarded to be critical in promoting weight loss. Other than weight loss, saffron has been used for detox, digestion, and treatment of tumors. 

Most people, especially you are reading this article may not be sure of where the supplement work but not to worry, after this article you will have a clear picture of whether the supplements works or not.

What is Saffron?

Saffron, scientifically known as Crocus sativus, is a component that’s extracted from the crocus sativus flower. It is mainly used as a spice with some people regarding it as the world’s most expensive spice due to limited supply and high labor costs associated with its production.

What are the benefits of saffron supplements?

The following are some of the benefits associated with taking saffron.

  • Promoting weight loss: taking saffron helps in reducing food appetite, which will help with weight loss.
  • Improving the mood: some studies have shown that taking about 30-50 mg of saffron per day helps in improving the mood of a person. This is critical and may help people suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Relieving the PMS: some women who feel pin while on their periods feel relieved after taking saffron supplements. This is better compared to taking other substances such as chocolate or salt, especially if on a path to healthy eating.
  • Brain development: saffron has also been credited for promoting brain development by ensuring that the brain cells are young and sharp. This is mainly as a result of the antioxidation properties found within the supplement.

 Side effects associated with saffron

Some of the known side effects associated with saffron supplements include:

  • Dizziness: some people have complained of feeling dizzy after taking saffron supplements.
  • Heartburn: other people complain of heartburn after taking saffron supplements.

Ways of choosing saffron supplements that work

Consider the following tips when choosing saffron supplements that work.

  • Take saffron supplements that have passed purity tests
  • Take saffron grown and produced in regions ensuring high quality
  • Use both saffron extracts and powdered saffron forms.

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