The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) outbreak causes specific symptoms and revelling signs that range from dry cough and fever. Some extend and require immediate medical attention due to confusion and difficulty in breathing. Currently, there are no vaccines or any anti-virus medication to cure and treat COVID-19. The doctors are only managing the symptoms with supportive treatments.

You are at high risk of developing COVID-19 complications when you have mild symptoms; especially for those with complications such as diabetes, kidney disease, COPD, HIV, asthma, heart disease, are undergoing cancer treatment, as well as they, are over the age of 65 years. The use of vitamin supplements might help strengthen one’s immune system to fight the coronavirus, and it’s important to note that they can’t treat or cure COVID-19. Let’s look at some of the vitamin and supplements that you can use to prevent COVID-19.

Vitamins that you can take During COVID-19
We know that COVID-19 comes in the form of flu-like symptoms, so the vitamin supplements that may help boost the immune system and can help in fighting other illnesses such as cold and flu during this time of the pandemic are as follows;

Vitamin C
Vitamin C gets meant to help in fighting colds faster and also ease symptoms that come with it if you were starting to get sick. It helps to reduce inflammations because it’s an antioxidant and in COVID-19, swelling of the lungs is among the severe symptoms, which can result in distress or death. If you’re still healthy, gets recommended that you take vitamin C before it’s too late—such include; Citrus fruits, strawberries, red bell pepper and kiwi.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps the body to maintain its optimal blood levels of phosphorous and calcium as its primary function. You can obtain it through exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays or intake of its supplements in food. Enough Vitamin D will give you protection from any infections in your respiratory system. Based on research, its supplements significantly cause a decrease in the chances of anyone getting respiratory tract infections.

B Complex vitamins
Your immune system can be kept in top condition when you intake Vitamin B6. The supplement should get taken in daily in your diet which includes fortified cereals so that it’s enough in the body or through a multivitamin.

Zinc can be found over-the-counter as a cold remedy, or you can pop the tablet through your throat to help shorten the stiff rhinovirus length. It also helps in symptoms such as nasal drainage, nasal congestion, cough and severe threat. According to NIH, Zinc has an active T-cell that it produces to trigger the body to respond to infections.

Vitamins that are prescribed by the doctor or over-the-counter may interact with one another in your system when you take them. Ensure that you notify the doctor before you receive any vitamin or drug during this coronavirus pandemic and don’t start any vitamin regimen without consultation from a physician.