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Product Testing - FDA & CGMP Compliant

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NSP, as a nutrition manufacturer in USA, has been independently audited by clients and certified by the Natural Foods Association to confirm compliance with FDA CGMP for the manufacturing of dietary supplement products.

As part of NSP’s customer satisfaction program, NSP routinely is inspected by NSP customer CGMP auditors or their designated independent CGMP auditors, such as NSF.

NSP additionally complies with required Federal, State, Local, and International regulations.

NSP’s Quality management personnel routinely conduct in-house auditing to ensure that FDA CGMP Dietary Supplement manufacturing requirements are being complied with from day to day.


Yes, NSP has complete analytical laboratory testing capabilities specializing in dietary supplement product testing. NSP’s Analytical Laboratory is staffed by health industry veteran experts with decades of experience, and advanced Ph.D. & M.S. Degrees.

Yes, NSP’s Analytical Laboratory, working in association with NSP’s Quality management personnel, conducts the raw material and finished product testing required by the FDA under Part 111 CGMPs.

Yes, since adding our complete Analytical Laboratory, our dietary supplement production time has improved to be better than average, according to input from our customers.

Yes, our laboratory provides testing for our NSP contract manufacturing customers and provides dietary supplement testing for others as well.

Who should I contact about NSP Dietary Supplement Testing Services?
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