Vitamin supplements have continued to gain popularity over the years. With increased popularity, there have been mixed reactions on whether they are beneficial to the body or not. There are various forms of taking vitamin supplements, including pills, liquid, and gums. Most kids would prefer taking the vitamin in the form of gum. However, most adults take such supplements to inform of pills. As more people continue to complain about pill fatigue (being tired of taking pills), the focus is shifting towards taking gummy vitamins. This has led to about 80% of adults preferring to take gummy vitamins instead of other forms of gummy supplements available in the market.

 What are gummy vitamins?

Gummy vitamins are vitamin supplements that are available to users in a chewable form. They are packaged to have a taste and texture that is similar to chewing gum candy. Just like candy, these supplements come in different shapes, colours, and flavours.

What are the benefits of gummy vitamins?

  • Easy to take:

    • Unlike other forms of vitamin supplements, gummy supplements are easy to take since a person only needs to chew them.
  • Great taste:

    • Gummy supplements have a candy flavour that tastes great when chewed just like a normal candy bar.
  • Cheap and affordable:

    • Gummy supplements are cheap and affordable for anyone in need of vitamin supplements.
  • Contain Beneficial Vitamin:

    • Contain beneficial nutrients for the gummy body supplements contain beneficial vitamin supplements needed by the body, depending on the user’s needs.

Drawbacks of using gummy vitamins

The following are the main drawback of using gummy vitamins

  • Short-term sweetness:

    • The flavour in gummy vitamins provides short-term sweetness compared to candy and thus may inhibit the intake of more supplements that would have been taken if it were another form of supplement.
  • Lower vitamin absorption:

    • Since gummy vitamins contain other contents such as sugar, flavour, and gum to provide it with its gummy nature, there are fewer vitamins compared to other forms of vitamin supplements.
  • Composed of Sugars, fillers, and colours:

    • Gummy vitamins contain Composed of Sugars, fillers, and colours, which are not great for the body.
  • Higher chances of overeating them:

    • Using gummy supplements may put you at risk of overeating them, especially if you’re a person with a sweet tooth.

Are gummy vitamins worth it?

Gummy vitamins are worth it depending on your needs and views on vitamin supplements. If you want to have a different form of taking vitamins, then gummy supplements may be right for you.