Millions of businesses are transitioning to social commerce to instantly connect and sell their products on Facebook and Instagram. While selling on Facebook has become a thing of the past, but still present, Instagram has emerged as a prime platform to sell supplements and other products.

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Many fitness influencers have switched to Instagram for all of their marketing needs, selling supplements, and growing their business.

But the question still remains. How do you sell supplements on Instagram, and what methods can you use?

Build Your Following

Before you get started with Instagram, you first need to set up an Instagram business profile.

To do this, set up an account on Instagram, download and install the application on your cellphone, choice, enter your Facebook, email, or phone credentials to log in and enter your business name and username.

Before you finish up, make sure to upload a catchy profile picture such as a brand or business logo.

Finally, in your settings, make sure that your stories are visible for anyone to make your supplements easier to find. Instagram has lots of fun features like swipe ups and adding links to their stories so potential customers can visit your website and shop!

Engaging with your target audience goes a long way. Instagram is a platform where audiences expect a visual approach. Take advantage of images and videos to connect with people and grab their attention.

  • Make posts, such as images, inspirational quotes, graphical content such as infographics or banners, and different videos, preferably shorter ones, so people do not get bored or scroll past them.
  • You can make stories that can include images, infographics, banners, gifs, videos, and anything you would like to share with your audience.
  • You can create reels where you can upload footage from videos up to 10 minutes in length, giving you a lot more flexibility.
  • You can make a live stream video of yourself that is broadcasted in real-time, and viewers can provide live feedback. Instagram live is a fun feature.

While posting and creating engaging content, you need to be regularly and consistently active and engaged, and add a lot of relevant hashtags to show up to the right target audience.

There are ways to speed up the process by creating ads. They can be sponsored posts that feature an image, video and text, carousel ads that feature sponsored posts with multiple photos and text, and story ads that are sponsored stories that can include images and videos, and text.

Another great way to Influencer marketing, which is where you work with someone like a fitness influencer with a large following and can help the process of advertising your supplements. These types of accounts have a huge fan base.


The guide on how to sell supplements on Instagram is different depending on the strategy you wish to use.

Overall, Instagram is a very powerful platform that can yield amazing results for a supplement brand, if approached correctly.